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This software is developed in Windows-based operating systems. so, available in Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows Server. and this is an automated deployment tool software that has been developed to monitor and control all automated sites.
Without professional computer programming knowledge, you can connect user screens or automation devices, such as PLC or a variety of device controllers and PC controllers, to remotely monitor or control the behavior of each device's operating status, hazardous conditions, gauges, and settings.


All products can be monitored and automated device control.

[ SMART-PRO status ]
[ SMART-PRO setting ]
[ SMART-PRO chart ]

Works Reference

[ SMART-PRO animation ]

Distinctive features

A solution that maximizes user convenience

  • Monitoring and control functions for each tag

  • Supports various communication drivers and communications methods

  • Set up device interface via various communication drivers and various communication methods (RS-232, RS-485, TCPI-Link, GPIB, Link, GPIB, and OPC, etc.)

  • Monitor and control multiple types of devices simultaneously

  • Monitor and control multiple devices simultaneously from one PC to another.

  • Create a convenient report / management

  • Automatic creation of reports of daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and years

  • Efficient data management

  • Real-time database engine with easy access to MS-SQL, MY - SQL, Oracle and Oracle, and faster processing than traditional relational databases

  • Extensive product design

  • wide range of tags and devices designed to design wide range of products

A stable system

  • Optimize Windows OS

  • Automated development solutions optimized for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows Server

  • Strengthened system security and management

  • Support for Data Base redundancy enables system access to DB security and system security and user rights to limit system access.

  • Reinforce network

  • Increase network functionality through I/O servers, DB servers

△ HMI Project System Configuration Diagram

△ HMI Execution Project Creation Screen

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