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CNRS (Container Number Recongnision System) 

& PMNRS (Prime Mover Recongnision System)


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system that automatically collect image, processing data and real-time reporting to TOS during normal operation.

  1. Character recognition algorithm with the neuron net methodology 

  2. Automatic recognition of load and discharge container and capture container appearance

  3. Multi-processing image data from 8 cameras and transmission result in real time


Container Number Recognition System


Container Door Recognition System

  1. Container door direction recognition with door direction algorithm

  2.  Real time change to the lane

  3. Camera utilizes two way entry of vehicle recognition


 Prime Mover Number Recognition System

  1. Prime mover number recognition with the neuron net methodology

  2. Real time change to the lane

  3. Camera utilizes two way entry of vehicle recognition

Increase the Efficiency In Operation.
Secure the Integration In Management.

REG : 95.08%
REG(D) : 95.08%

All Jobs : 11320 containers
Job Success : 10763 containers
Job fail : 557 containers

Advantages of our 

Auto Adjustment functions against various work circumstances 
  • Weather (Rain falls under 150mm/12h), Backlight (WDR adjustment), Fog (Visual range more than 200m), Snow (Snow falls below 20cm/24h), Night (Min. 0.0001Lux)

  • Work Status (Discharging/Loading, CST/DST, Single, Twin, CST, DST, Tandem, Quad Operation)

  • Container numbers written in different structure, such as vertically, horizontally, with shadows, and in multiple lines

  • When obstacles exist in the other truck lane

Maximized Productivity
  • Guarantee the stable productivity for 24 hour operation

  • Fully automatic processing

  • Even in adverse weather conditions, the system works. (Very tiny impact)

Cost Savings & Safety 
  • Reduce operation cost and prevent accidents 

  • Competitiveness advantages by efficient and non-stop operation

▲ We guarantee above 90 to 95 % (AVG) success rate. The picture on the left is the real recognition of the normal operation in PSA include CST, DST, Twin, Tandem, Quad operation during one month.

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